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NOW you can experience the SIGHTS, SOUNDS and THRILLS of gliding on snow trails in comfort, without learning any new skills

The BEST and ONLY WAY for non-skiers or snowboarders to glide along snow-covered mountain trails, to enjoy breathtaking vistas, to actually join your group, friends or family on the mountain, on the slopes! Your personal Snow Limo chauffeur will take you for a comfortable snowy mountain trail excursion and show you all the sights that you have not been able to see up to now! Enjoy the exhilaration of snow-gliding downhill in a comfortable and environmentally friendly, gravity powered and chauffeur driven Snow Limo.
Join friends and colleagues on the slopes and with them enjoy all that the mountain has to offer. Non-skier/boarder parents or grandparents can now witness the exploits of family youngsters firsthand, "live and on the slopes"!
In choosing your winter snow destination resort ensure that it features Snow Limo operations to provide you with the fullest enjoyment. With Snow Limo you are no longer left on your own, you join in the on-slope fun!
Dress for the snow, wear your smile, and come ride the slopes with Snow Limo Tours!


You don't ski or board?

Your legs are sore but you still want to enjoy the slopes?
Or do you have someone in your group, who always wanted to experience what your passion is all about?
Here is the solution!
Come on out on a ride with us. The Snow Limo offers a service that makes the mountain accessible for everyone. No skills needed. You just sit back relax and let us do the work!

Guest Reviews

Who tells the story best? The people who have experienced a glide down the slopes in a Snow Limo.
Read what they have to say about it:

review Susan Dennehy

My husband, John, an over 275 pounder, and myself, an average medium build female, recently took advantage of your service. Not being a skier, my husband was uncertain about this experience. Being a skier, I was enthralled with the possibility of sharing the experience with him without risking an injury. To say it was fun is an understatement. We were both very pleased with the experience.
Being larger, my husband was chauffeured by Alex. My "driver" was Craig. They were both absolutely great. They both explained very clearly what we would be experiencing. Additionally, despite our size differences and the fact that my husband was only able to do the half tour, they managed to keep us together enough that we still shared the experience. Both Alex and Craig took time out to point out very interesting geological features and historical facts about the terrain and trails.
I would highly recommend this experience to anyone who ever wanted to ski but was afraid to try, or, like myself, an injured skier who is not recovered enough to ski this season. My biggest problem was trying to stop laughing. If possible, take a longer tour. The one hour tour is truly over way too quickly!
We thought this was one of the best experiences we have shared in 31 years of marriage. Thanks, guys, for a great ride!
Susan Dennehy

review Rob Chetner

Rob Chetner
Just a quick email to thank you once again for accommodating me and my parents this past Saturday with the Snow Limo experience that they so greatly enjoyed. Both of your operators were great, very friendly, knowledgeable, patient and very experienced. My parents really enjoyed the thrill of skiing from the top to the bottom and will surely cherish the memories (and pictures) for years to come. I would most highly recommend your company and it's unique services to anyone

review Marry Hughes

Marry Hughes
The highlight of our trip was the Snow Limo experience. There were four limo participants in our party, 5 skiers and 2 snow boarders. One of the limo passengers was my brother's 83 year old mother-in-law. The experience for us non skiers was unforgettable. As for the skiers, they were thrilled to share their afternoon of skiing with us. The guides were very friendly and considerate. For me personally it was a dream I never thought I would get to experience. Such an great idea............makes the slopes more accessible to people who would otherwise not be able to have this exciting experience.

Jerry and Mary Boyle
Thank you so much for our wonderful Snow Limo tours! Your little brochure at our hotel opened up the magical experience of skiing during our recent visit.
As non-skiers we had no idea how much fun you can have skiing down a mountain. Before we discovered you, all we could envision was long white trails streaking down a mountain connected by lifts and chairs. We felt safe and secure the moment we nestled into your limo-chairs and it was fabulous how your unique design could go on and off all the chair lifts without us having to get out of the chair! Fabulous!
We highly recommend Snow Limo to anyone who wants to see skiing first-hand without having to actually learn to ski! Very very fun. You provided us with lifetime memories. Thank you.

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